China Creek Cottages
40526 State Highway 299
Willow Creek, CA 95573
Phone (530) 629-3355
So imagine this.  You are traveling down a rural California highway so remote that the wildlife outnumbers the humans, and all of a sudden you drive by a roadside operation that seems from another era.  Brigadoon perhaps.  Intrigued, you pull over, consult your smartphone and sure enough there it is.  China Creek Cottages.  Nah, you say.  It's old-timey looking but it's probably worn out and exhausted.  You've been disappointed before trying to find non-cookie cutter authentic accommodations, only to arrive at your room and be underwhelmed with an inadequate mom and pop operation.

But wait a minute...those are pretty flowers in the front yard, the lawn is freshly mowed and although you can't put your finger on it, this place seems to have some kind of an arts and crafty, National Park vibe going on.  O.K.  So you ask to see a room and then it hits you, holy cow! this place is the real deal.

China Creek Cottages...a place your Great-Grandparents would have stayed at so long ago.
Your destination for memorable accommodations!

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